Rustica Woodfired Bakery

Our Featured Bakery in Smithers, British Columbia 

Organic bakery since 2008 in Smithers BC Canada, far away from home, where everything is made by hand and with love in our Alan Scott woodfired oven.

Rustica is a tiny rural wood-fired bakery – making wholesome, organic food for our local community. We endeavor to make as small an environmental footprint as possible while inspiring our customers to think about food not just for themselves but also for the planet. We support small organic farmers – helping them to keep on farming, and saving our soils!

What Rustica does for Nature:
  • Cyclists get a free cookie and 10% off their purchase when they bike to the bakery!
  • People who bring their own bag, get a free cookie
  • In bread production, we do not retard any dough – thus reducing our electricity use. Instead, we work with the weather conditions!
  • Our major scraps and waste go to a local pig grower – so that Jink (our dog) does not get too fat!
  • We use only organic ingredients (other than two items currently) and we use Fair Trade whenever possible
  • We specifically source heritage organic grains – keeping our genetic wheat gene pool alive
  • All of the wheat we use is  Canadian and mainly grown in British Columbia. We buy direct from small farmers whenever possible
  • In the summer months, we only deliver bread by car, three times a week –  otherwise, everything is done by bicycle! We also  just had a bread trailer made to transport all of our bread by bikeScreenshot_20190702-164605_Instagram
  • We recycle all our recyclable waste…..we even cycle it to the recyclable station!
  • This year, we will plant 600 trees to offset our emissions and replace the trees we used to fire the oven
  • Our waste ash goes to a local, organic veggie farmer called “Healthy Hugs Organics” in Smithers, British Columbia

When we sell our pizzas, we ask people to bring their own tray or provide a cookie sheet and trust for returns!! It works so far!

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