About Us

Who We Are:

We are a network of bakers giving back to the land that sustains us and provides our ingredients.

How can we give back to the source of our ingredients?

Join the We Knead Nature network of bakers that donate a percentage of the proceeds to conservation groups.

We Knead Nature provides an easy way to give back to the source of your ingredients and reduce your bakery’s carbon footprint. Whether you fuel your oven with wood, gas, or electricity, you need nature. If you bake with water, salt, and flour, you knead nature!


Increase our understanding and appreciation of the interdependence between humans and nature; promote the preservation of farmlands and wild habitats, creating a healthy relationship to nature.


To raise awareness, nurture connection, and restore a balanced, more reciprocal relationship between humans and nature, through doing what bakers do best… baking for their communities and sharing part of their proceeds with conservation groups.