About Us

Who We Are:

We are an organization of bakers, farmers, millers, brewers, distillers, and malters promoting sustainable practices and ingredients while giving back to the land that sustains us.

How can we give back to the source of our ingredients?
  • Supporting small-scale local farmers and grain growers
  • Using renewable energy in all, or part, of their business operations
  • Packaging their goods in recycled/recyclable materials
  • Composting; and through other nature-friendly practices

Many bakers, farmers, millers, brewers, distillers, and malters are already giving back to nature: click here for inspiration!


Increase our understanding and appreciation of the interdependence between humans and nature; promote the preservation of farmlands and wild habitats which create the setting for a healthy relationship to nature.


To raise awareness, harvest gratitude, nurture connection, and restore a balanced, more reciprocal relationship between humans and nature, through environmentally beneficial practices, and by giving back to nature in thoughtful, deliberate, and measurable ways.

We Knead Nature is a way to say “thank you” to the source of our bread, butter, and brew!