Meet the Crew


Emily Cayer and Laura Stone are sisters, best friends,

and co-founders of We Knead Nature!

Emily Cayer – Director

Emily lives in northern Vermont with her partner, dog, 2 donkeys, and wonder-mule. She is president of Tiny Seed Project. She bakes bread, reads books, and bikes, hikes, and snowshoes in the mountains.

“Today me will live in the moment unless it’s unpleasant in which case me will eat a cookie” 

– Cookie Monster

laura 2
Laura Stone – Co-Founder

Laura is the Tiny Seed Project director and has worked as a program coordinator and director in the nonprofit world for over 15 years. One of Laura’s favorite childhood toys was her Princess Leia Figure.

“If you only believe in the sun when you can see it, you’ll never make it through the night”

– Princess Leia

henry admin
Henry James – Office Mascot
Pup Pup – Office Security
Ukse, Sam, and Sova – Welcoming Committee