Sponsors can be individuals or private businesses (nonmember base) that want to support members in reducing their carbon footprint, and increasing their nature-friendly practices through the Nature Needs Us grant program or other means of support.  

Sponsors do not necessarily have to be in a grain-based business. Sponsors can support members of We Knead Nature because they believe in giving back to nature and they appreciate a delicious loaf of bread and an ice cold beer.

We Knead Nature works with businesses that want to restore the human-nature connection, give back to nature, and join us in responsible and thoughtful reciprocity.


Step 1 – Fill out the Sponsor Form – Sponsor Form

Step 2 – Send your check or pay by clicking the button below

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Opportunity for Sponsors:

  • Research indicates that less than 20% (~$50 billion) of the annual funding needed for conservation activities are available… which means there is a shortfall of $250-350 billion per year*.
  • Of the money that is available, most comes from government or philanthropic sources, with only $10 billion per year invested by the private sector. We Knead Nature provides an opportunity for the private sector to bridge the gap in conservation funding available for on-the-ground projects.
*Data from World Resources Institute